Ice cream and dessert trends: Creating “super indulgent” products while keeping a clean label

05 Jul 2023 — With summer season in full swing, consumers are eyeing fanciful escapes inside the ice cream and frozen dessert aisle. However, enterprise has the complex project of creating merchandise that deliver on taste, texture and appearance whilst maintaining fees down. We explore a number of the state-of-the-art developments and answers within the class, from great-indulgent flavors and colorful novelties to plant-based alternatives and fee-effective substances.

Food Ingredients First sits down with Valio, Foodology by using Univar Solutions, Palsgaard, ofi and Cargill representatives to discover the modern-day inside the class.

“When it comes to ice creams and frozen desserts, clients more and more expect more than a extremely good-tasting deal with. Some crave indulgence, others conscious ingesting and many are tapping into plant popularity with alternative dairy products. In trendy, nowadays’s patron desires an ever-greater indulgent sensory experience across flavor, texture, and color, and it’s miles inspiring a brand new level of creativity in frozen treats,” says Aysegul Ozcan, advertising and marketing manager of sweetness and texture at Cargill.

“Super indulgence” and first rate expenses
As the call for for desserts and ice cream grows, so does the innovation and artistry in their creators, who constantly project themselves to craft new flavors, shapes and studies for his or her customers.

“In the ice cream category, there are numerous new smaller companies, and plenty of new novelties are launched each yr as human beings are seeking for range. One fashion we’ve observed is the upward thrust of “notable indulgence” ice cream, featuring more than one layers and exciting, colourful flavors,” says Paula Koivisto, product developer, R&D at Valio, who discusses the developments.

Nonetheless, it stays crucial to hold growing charges at bay.

“In the cost-of-dwelling disaster, inexpensive luxury is a key trend,” highlights Claus Prior Hansen, utility manager and senior utility scientist for dairy and ice cream at Palsgaard.

“Ice cream and frozen dessert producers want to guard their profit margins at the same time as assembly client expectancies of an outstanding sensory experience. This is in which we can help, with cost-effective solutions that deliver outstanding merchandise.”

Prior Hansen explains how locust bean gum and tara gum are examples of staple elements – used to create mouthfeels and balance – were changed because of being “eye wateringly pricey” now; in addition, he notes how consumers decide upon palm oil-free merchandise.

Ozcan from Cargill explains that more and more brands are running to achieve single-digit delivered-sugar ranges. (Image Credits: Cargill).
Palsgaard makes use of greater affordable hydrocolloids, including guar gum (E412), as an opportunity.

“Due to product availability and value, we’re constantly running on opportunity options for our customers to replace difficult-to-discover and highly-priced components they will be acquainted with the use of,” provides Mike Haracz, corporate chef and culinary lead, Foodology at Univar Solutions.

Going lower back to indulgence, ofi additionally underscores that it is the fundamental trend in the class.

“A high-fats cocoa powder can offer a wealthy, chocolatey taste. Cocoa liquor can be a wonderful manner of adding a kick of more depth for your ice cream,” says Pilar Darre, class lead beverages, cakes and ice cream at ofi.

“Beyond ice cream itself, extras like sauces, inclusions, toppings and coatings can cross the more mile. Here, nutty variegates can create silky ribbons of flavor, or spiced sauces can create a completely unique taste proposition.”

Premiumization in its prime
Premiumization is also visible inside the taste and texture of desserts and ice cream, according to Koivisto from Valio.

“There is a developing call for for wealthy, indulgent and creamy products. By the usage of the right substances, it’s miles possible to create full-flavored products that provide consumers with the indulgent experience they choice. We have used, for instance, Valio specialty dairy powders in our recipes to advantage a smoother, creamier texture people are searching out.”

Also talking about premiumization, Ozcan says that “with most sweet categories being pushed through new flavor improvement, growing merchandise that surprise and satisfaction purchasers is currently all the rage. Based on Innova Market Insights, indulgent and top class flavors are seeing the most powerful growth.”

That being stated, she says that traditional ice cream flavors of milk chocolate, vanilla and strawberry remain the maximum popular with product developers globally. Alongside those, milk chocolate, dark and white chocolate are also popular alternatives in ice cream, handing over the indulgence clients often are seeking.

“Given the size of the chocolate frozen dessert region, manufacturers can stand out with the aid of providing greater wealthy flavors. With the proper kind of cocoa, ice cream can be a deeply indulgent revel in. Different types of cocoa also can create nuanced taste reports, starting from citrus to caramel notes,” provides Darre.

“While traditional flavors hold to reign, uncommon flavors are a terrific manner to seize clients’ attention. Spices can upload pleasure to clients’ days through developing a sense of journey. For instance, turmeric can help European clients travel with their taste buds to far flung international locations like India. It can also convey an uncommon yellow colour to ice cream for introduced novelty.”

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