Without us, can they work together? (Is our work important?)

some people think “What would it be like without one of us?” Some people think, “Without us, they can live together.” Regarding work. if you are going to resign What are your thoughts? Without us, can they work together? Or are we doing our work important?

“Every job is important” a sentence that many people doubt. The more work that has to end day by day. We do this work without value. what does it mean Again, the income received also reflects the feeling as well. Of course, it would feel “not important”.

But if we are in the employer status when? We can be brave enough to say that every job is really important because no employer wants to pay anyone for free even if they don’t have any duties. But there may be some unequal priorities. But let’s just say it doesn’t matter at all, it’s difficult.

At this point, we may think that It’s not very important. “Anyone can do it”, probably in part. But sometimes it depends on who “who” that person is…

Work is not important, but people are important.
It is true that in many jobs Many duties without us, they can work together… So who’s going to let no one do it? It must continue to do. But whoever can do it doesn’t mean “Can do the same thing”, that’s it, “important”

Even though work may seem insignificant, the only person who can make “our work” valuable is “us”. like anyone who can count numbers But we count quickly and never wrong This is starting to look different…

Now, most of the tasks that we think are not important. Often have to do with many people. It will be compared to see the difference. very important Because other people count wrongly, some are slow, like this. If we’re like him, we don’t matter…

Anyone can do it, not us!

That’s just an introductory simple example, which if more than that, for example, if we count fast, we don’t miss it, plus when we count things. We have also noticed that the goods or goods are unusual, defective, often like this, it makes it even more evident. There is no one counting work here. “More important than us” because we are definitely the best. The point is, can we do it?

In order for someone to come out with a seemingly insignificant but valuable work, they must “see the importance of their own work first” to pay attention and focus on doing so , siteblogs right?

And when we work like this There will be a chance to be changed, become a leader, or do more important tasks. or if no one values There is a possibility that here or this work is not suitable for our potential. If we step out and find the right fit It brings benefits to both parties.

Take a closer look, you may see that every job “anyone can do it” depends on how you do it, from managers, executives, to business owners, anyone can do it, but in the end. What kind of results is another matter?

Therefore, anyone can do it, it must not be us, because any work that people can do or not is up to us to focus on. and how to do it differently It’s not just the job itself. Have we ever paid enough attention to what we do?

Because work is important or not? Maybe it’s not at the job or it’s not someone who makes the job important. “It is the work that shows who is important to the work.”

At one point, a job that anyone could do. But he wanted us to do it right there, so we saw that because he saw how important this work was. therefore it must be us only If so, where should it start? Work is important